Mom Reveals Herself as the Woman Who Streamed 'Bee Movie' on Netflix 357 Times in a Year

Gemma Chalmers says the animated Jerry Seinfeld film is the only thing that will keep her son from crying.

After Netflix called out one of their subscribers for watching Bee Movie 357 times in one year, the woman's identity has been revealed as a mother from Scotland.

Gemma Chalmers, 29, has come out as the person who streamed the 2007 animated film starring Jerry Seinfeld more than 300 times. She says it's because her 9-month-old son, Jaxson, loves the flick.

The internet was all a buzz after Netflix announced the interesting statistic on Twitter after Thanksgiving.  

"I was shocked," she told Inside Edition. "I knew we had watched it a lot, but didn't think we watched it that many times."

Friends on Facebook had alerted her about the tweet Netflix sent out, figuring it had to be her. 

The mom says little Jaxson watches the movie "a couple times a day," because it's the only thing that will stop him from crying.

Chalmers told Inside Edition that her son loves the film mostly because of its colorful and musical nature. The only problem is that when it's over, Jaxson cries.