Nurse Delivers Own Baby in Her Hospital's Parking Lot: 'Her Head Started Coming Out'

This was the first time Katie Michael, 33, has ever delivered a baby.

A Pennsylvania nurse delivered her own baby in the parking lot of her hospital last week when her baby decided to come a little early.

Mom-of-two Katie Michael, 33, of Harrisburg, told giving birth to her second baby, Ella, inside the car outside of Pinnacle Health was actually the first time she has ever delivered a baby in her seven years as a nurse.

"A little bit of the nurse in me kicked in," she said. "I looked at her and she was pink, she was crying. I immediately felt reassured by that. I saw babies delivered before [but] no, I’ve never delivered a baby before.”

Michael explained she was at a doctor’s appointment that morning, and was told to expect the baby within the next few days.

“I was having some mild contractions — it was actually my due date — but nothing really strong or irregular,” she recalled.

Just hours later, her water broke and she went into labor.

She and her husband, George, 37, immediately took off for the hospital, but were quickly caught in Friday night traffic. The journey that should normally take about 15 minutes took double the time.

“It was a lot of anxiety,” her husband said. “Should I go around traffic? Should I beep my horn like a crazy guy? I was a little more aggressive, but was trying to be as patient as possible.”

But baby Ella didn’t seem to be quite as patient.

“Her head started coming out while we were sitting on the bridge in traffic,” Michael said.

Once they arrived to the hospital, George ran into the emergency room to get help but it was too late.

“Her head came out, and everyone kind of rushed out,” she recalled. “I was already pushing the rest of her out, caught her, and put her on my chest.”

Doctors later rushed her to the maternity unit of the hospital, where both Michael and the baby were determined to be in good health.

“It was a lot easier this time, even though it was a little awkward positioning in the car,” she said. “It was a bit better than [my first]. With it being so quick, that was the nice part about it, it didn’t wear [me] out as bad and recovery was easier.”