After Couple Delivers Baby in Starbucks Parking Lot, Baby Girl Gets Drink Named in Her Honor

The French vanilla soy latte was served for the weekend following the baby's birth.

This New York man proved he was no average Joe when he managed to deliver his brew-tiful baby girl in the parking lot of their local Starbucks. 

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Matt and Casey Dolber, of Long Island, were rushing to the hospital to give birth to their child, but it was clear their baby had a schedule of her own.

"My contractions were very irregular and then all of a sudden, they started coming so painful and so fast I knew we had to leave," Casey Dolber told

They had hoped to drop their 2-year-old off before they ultimately drove to the hospital but the Dolbers were only on the road for five minutes when Casey announced that the baby was on the way.

"I told him we weren't going to make it to the hospital," she said.

Even though her husband Matt Dolber thought she was joking at first, he quickly pulled over at the Starbucks parking lot, and dialed 911.

Casey said the operator then kept him calm, and then coached Matt through delivering his daughter step-by-step.

The operator even taught him to wrap the newborn in his shirt, place the infant into her mother's arms to keep her warm, and use his shoelace to tie off the umbilical cord, "and he's doing all this while holding the phone in his ear with his shoulder trying to help me," Casey laughed

Meanwhile, 2-year-old Chase was watching from the back seat.

"He was probably scared," his mom admitted. "I was having a baby and I was yelling a bit."

To calm him, Matt then brought the boy over from the back seat and introduced him to his newborn baby sister, Sailor Jewel Dolber.

"He knows she came out of my belly, and that's it."

Paramedics soon arrived to cut the cord before taking the family to the hospital.

But Sailor's exciting entrance into the world did not stop there.

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The Starbucks location is honoring the baby girl with a special drink, named after her.

The sign outside of the Manorville Starbucks reads: "In honor of baby Sailor Jewel born on 6/29 in our parking lot, try a Sailor latte!"

The French vanilla soy latte was served for the weekend following the child's birth.

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