Minnesota Parents Sign Up to Aid in Teacher Shortage

Empty chairs in a classroomEmpty chairs in a classroom
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The principal of an elementary school in Minnesota put out a call to action due to an extreme shortage of substitute teachers.

Parents are responding to a Minnesota principal’s call for teachers, according to a Minnesota CBS affiliate. 

Lisa Carlson, the principal of Woodland Elementary School in the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan district, left a voicemail last week for her hundreds of students’ parents.

“[It was] a plea for substitute teachers, noting that there was a shortage in the district, and at Woodland specifically, and if anyone was willing to go out and get their licensure, that she would appreciate it,” said Bree Axelrod, a mother with three children in the district.

A four-year college degree is the major prerequisite for the job, and those who applied would take a licensing class and complete a background check. After around 30 days, if approved they would be ready to be trained by the school district.

According to the outlet, part of Carlson’s recruiting strategy is the $165-per-day salary alongside the opportunity to work every day.

Axlerod and nine other parents have responded to the call thus far, according to Carlson.

The principal says that Woodland Elementary has been short on substitutes for 12 of the first 20 days of this school year, and that the district is down 300 substitutes overall. According to the outlet, the district is also low on support roles such as custodians and food workers.

“You just need them,” Carlson said to the outlet.  

“You can, you know, move people around, shift people around, and try to teach myself, but it just really is hard to run a school when you don’t have enough coverage.”

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