Miracle Baby Survived Being Taken Off Life Support After Doctors Gave Her Just Hours to Live

Pheonix is beating the odds.

Baby Pheonix was born with a heart defect that makes it difficult for oxygen to circulate in her body.

Doctors didn't this she would make it this far, but a miracle baby is thriving just before her first birthday.

Baby Phoenix was born with a heart defect that makes it difficult for oxygen to circulate in her body. She struggled after having surgery to put a shunt in her heart at just 2 months old. And at 7 months, she nearly died when she stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest. 

“I knew that she was gone,” mom Monique Goldring told CNN.

Phoenix suffered brain damage and was put on life support in March. After a month, her mother decided to take her off, according to the network. Doctors thought she’d only live a few hours.

Phoenix beat the odds, however. In May, she was released from the hospital on hospice care.

But she's not entirely out of the woods. Doctors say it could be fatal if she outgrows her shunt put in her heart at 2 months old. They are also afraid to perform other surgeries she still needs because there is a high possibility she could die.

Goldring is hoping someone will take a chance on Phoenix anyway.

"I am desperately hoping that somebody will look at her case and perform this surgery on her," Goldring told WJLA. "The doctors say she won't walk, won't talk. I stress that she may not be doing those things right now but I was also told that she would be gone in six hours. So, I am going to just sit back and watch her thrive."

Phoenix’s first birthday is coming up on Aug. 25, and the mom plans on celebrating. 

"I don't know what the future is, but I'm excited for what's to come,” Goldring said.

Goldring started a GoFundMe to help pay for Phoenix's medical bills.