Missing 16-Year-Old Amy Yu Found, 45-Year-Old Man Arrested

Allentown Police Department
Allentown Police Department

She'd been missing since March 5.

A 16-year-old who disappeared with a 45-year-old “family friend” has been found in Mexico, and the man has been arrested, police said.

Police said Amy Yu, who has been missing since March 5, was "unharmed and in good health."

An Amber Alert had been issued for the teen in Mexico after police discovered Yu and Kevin Esterly had taken one-way flights from Philadelphia to Cancun with a layover in Dallas.

Yu will be reunited with her mother in Allentown, and an extradition process will begin once Esterly arrives in Miami, reports said.

Yu reportedly knew Esterly, who is married, because the family attended the same church and Yu was friends with Esterly’s daughter.

Esterly had signed Yu out of school without her parents’ permission 10 times between November and February, according to court documents obtained by The Morning Call.

Yu reportedly had altered her student records to list Esterly as her stepfather, police said.

On Feb. 9, Yu’s mother, Miu Luu, went to the school to pick up her daughter and was told that she left her with "stepfather," reports said.

Yu’s mother then told the school that she's a single mother and school workers called police.

The school then prohibited Esterly from school grounds, CNN reported.

Police said Esterly and Amy exchanged hundreds of text messages and her mother later said it sounded like her daughter was texting a boyfriend.

On March 5, Yu’s mother reported the teen as a runaway after she had dropped her at the bus stop with her younger brother that morning. Her brother reportedly said she took off.

Yu’s mother said money, jewelry and her daughter's personal documents were missing, reports said. 

Esterly's wife also said $4,000 along with his personal documents were missing after the pair disappeared.