Where is Amy Yu? Police Say 16-Year-Old May Have Flown to Cancun With 45-Year-Old Man

Allentown Police Department
Allentown Police Department

She has been missing since the beginning of March.

A 16-year-old girl, who went missing from the Connecticut, is believed to have flown to Cancun, Mexico, with a 45-year-old man.

Kevin Esterly and Amy Yu, 16, have been missing since March 5, and police believe Yu willingly fled with Esterly.

Yu’s mom, Mul Luu, said the last time she saw her daughter was that morning when she dropped her off at the bus stop. She reported her missing when she didn’t return home that night, Allentown Police said.

Police said they have since received information that Yu and Esterly took one-way flights from Philadelphia to Cancun with a layover in Dallas. 

An Amber Alert has been issued for Yu in Mexico, police said. There is a warrant out for Esterly’s arrest.

"Prior to the Amber Alert in Mexico, the information that Amy Yu and Kevin Esterly were likely in Mexico was not released as it is believed that Kevin Esterly and/or Amy Yu are monitoring media reports," police said in a news release Saturday.

Police sent a message out to Yu in hopes she’ll return home safely.

"Amy, if you are uncertain how to come home or who to contact for help, you may simply reach out to a law enforcement official, a resort staff member, or contact your mom via text message, email or social media, and we will work to reunite you with your family right away," police said.

Esterly, who is married, reportedly met the teen at church, and Yu is friends with one of Esterly's daughters.