Missing Baby Angel Nichole Overstreet's Dad's Claims to Have Given Her to CPS Are Not True, Cops Say

3-month-old Angel Nichole Overstreet of West Virgnia missing since May

Angel Nichole Overstreet is described as a white female infant with blue eyes and dark-colored hair with a reddish tint. She has a strawberry-shaped mark on the back of her neck.

The search is on for 3-month-old Angel Nichole Overstreet, a West Virginia infant believed to have gone missing in May. Her father, Shannon Overstreet, said he handed the baby over to Child Protection Services, which authorities said did not happen.

Huntington Police said CPS called authorities on May 24 to report that they could not locate an infant and became concerned when they contacted the infant's father regarding custody issues. They said they were told that he had turned the infant over to CPS workers two weeks earlier, Huntington Police Chief Ray Cornwell said during a news conference last week.

CPS had no record of any transfer of a custody exchange of the infant, police said.

Investigators found information on Overstreet's phone suggesting Angel appeared to be with her father May 1, the New York Daily News reported

Overstreet, 38, is currently behind bars at the Western Regional jail on unrelated charges, WCHS ABC8 News reported. 

Overstreet was taken into custody on May 24 in connection with an alleged assault on his mother. Police said in a criminal complaint obtained by WSAZ said Overstreet dragged his mother by her hair across a yard and hit her. After the alleged attack, he left the woman lying on the floor. She sought out medical help days later. 

The complaint said she was treated at a local hospital for a "significant" brain bleed, WSAZ reported

Overstreet was charged with felony malicious wounding and a misdemeanor battery charge. He is being held on a $116,000 cash/surety bond, People reported. 

No charges have been filed in connection with his daughter's disappearance, WCHSTV News reported. 

"At this point, I would not call him a suspect," Cornwell said at the news conference, but did say he is a person of interest in Angel's disappearance. 

Cornwell said the baby's mother, who is originally from Columbus and resides in Kentucky, does not live with Overstreet and has been communicating with the authorities.

"To our knowledge, she wasn't involved in anything that happened here in the past few weeks, but she is communicating and cooperating with us," Cornwell said.

Police executed search warrants and searched Shannon Overstreet's mother's residence in Huntington, where he stays, several digital devices and his vehicle. Investigators are working with law enforcement in Kentucky to search property he owns in Olive Hill, Cornwall said at the press conference.

Authorities have been working with CPS officials in West Virginia and Kentucky. Their department is also working with the US Marshals Service, which is trying to locate witnesses, as well as the FBI and the West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center on digital forensics.

Angel Nichole Overstreet is described as a white female infant with blue eyes and dark-colored hair with a reddish tint. She has a strawberry-shaped mark on the back of her neck.

"At this time, we have no specific evidence of foul play, but we are very concerned for the safety of Angel Nichole Overstreet," Cornwell said. 

According to the Cabell County Magistrate Court, Overstreet has pled not guilty to the assault charges and will be represented by a public defender. His next hearing dates are June 7 at 1:30 p.m. on his felony malicious wounding charges and on June 8 at 9 a.m. on the misdemeanor charges. 

On Wednesday, he was issued a warrant for prohibited possession of firearms and had a video arraignment on those charges the next day.

Anyone with information is urged to call the police department's Criminal Investigations Bureau at 304-696-4420 or 911.

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