Missing Cat Found 1,000 Miles From Home Reunited With Family

The cat was reunited with its owner.
Sante Fe Animal Shelter

Sasha disappeared five years ago, and now there's a happy ending.

It’s a miracle just in time for the holidays

A black cat from Oregon named Sasha disappeared five years ago from his Portland home. His owner didn’t think he’d ever see the feline again. 

That all changed when Sasha was found over 1,000 miles away in New Mexico. Sasha was identified after employees at Santa Fe Animal Shelter scanned his microchip. 

This week, the cat was flown back to Oregon to reunite with his owner, Viktor Usov.

"I couldn't believe it," Usov told the animal shelter. "We thought the worst, but when we received the call, we were so thankful Sasha was alive and well."

Usov added that maybe Sasha “hitched a ride” all those years ago, but at least he had a “great American adventure.”