Volunteer Moves In With Dog Who's Been at Shelter for Over 400 Days to Help Her Get Adopted

Queen has been living at the Great Plains SPCA shelter for more than 400 days.

A poor pup that spent more than 400 days in a Kansas animal shelter is getting a new roommate – a local volunteer who moved into the dog's bunk to help her get adopted.

Queen, a 3-year-old terrier mix, has been living at the Great Plains SPCA shelter for more than a year.

“When you’re a shelter pet and you’ve been in a shelter for 400 days, it says that on your kennel card,” volunteer Scott Poore of Kansas City told InsideEdition.com. “People see that and they think there has to be something wrong with the animal.”

Poore wanted to help Queen get more attention and figured what better way to do that than to join her in her 5-by-8-foot kennel, where he has decided to live until she gets adopted.

“I was willing to put my life on hold,” he explained. “It’s not very enjoyable, but I love my roommate and she has been amazing, and she loves the company.”

Poore said the experience made him more aware of how uncomfortable the shelter must be for these animals. In addition to the space being cold and sterile, it is also incredibly loud.

“When the staff leaves and the lights go off, you’d think everybody goes to sleep, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s not a lot of sleep,” Poore explained. “I don’t want to paint a horrible picture, but it sucks.”

Poore has been sleeping on a small mattress at the corner of Queen’s kennel since Tuesday and is hopeful all the new attention will help the pup get adopted soon.

He has made it his life mission to support local animal shelters and help forgotten dogs and cats get adopted ever since quitting his job five years ago. Poore now funds his ventures by selling T-shirts.

To find out more about his journey, visit his website.