Missing New York Dad May Have Been Killed and Dumped in New Jersey: Report

Michael Stewart has been missing for ten days after sending a final eerie text message to this mother.

Michael Stewart, 40, texted his mother “Please help me mom” before disappearing. 

Police may be on their way to solving the mystery of the New York father who went missing last month, according to one report. 

A police source told the New York Post that a woman being questioned in connection with Michael Stewart's disappearance said her boyfriend “killed somebody — and he made me go with him to get rid of the body in New Jersey," the paper reported.

The couple have not been arrested, according to the Post, but the source told the paper that investigators think they're on the right track. 

"They’re trying to get them to admit where they dumped the body,” the source said, the Post reported. 

Stewart, 40, texted his mother “Please help me mom” before disappearing. Stewart was last seen on Dec. 20 leaving O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Staten Island that evening.

Though a body has not been found, Stewart's family reportedly believes he was killed, according to the New York Daily News

“It doesn’t look good,” Stewart’s aunt, Roxanne, said. “They’re not telling the extent of whether he’s dead or not. They can’t tell us that, they said, but I know right now the homicide [squad] is on it.”

Stewart is the father of a 4-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son.

“He loves his daughter," Roxane told the Post. "She’s been crying every night for him. She’s starting to see that something’s wrong."