Model Helps Sister With Down Syndrome Star in Her Own Photo Shoot: 'I Am Famous Now'

Chris Garafola, 30, calls his sister Brittany Garafola, 32, his best friend.

This model is used to being the focus of photographers, but his sister with Down syndrome stole the spotlight at their latest photo shoot.

Brittany Garafola, 32, of Vermont starred in her own series of pictures as a birthday present from her younger brother, Chris Garafola, 30, of Boston.

“It was awesome, I liked it," Brittany told "I want to do it again next year. I am famous now."

Chris, who called Brittany his best friend, said he has wanted to do something special for her ever since he showed her a magazine he was featured in, and she said she wanted to be just like him.

“Brittany and I have been very close since we were little kids,” he explained. “She’s just always wanted to do what I did, whether it was coming home with a new phone or going to the movies or going to college.”

Ahead of Brittany’s birthday in July, he reached out to some contacts in the modeling industry and decided to surprise her with a photo shoot, where she would be the star.

“I just wanted to make her day — she’s my best friend,” he explained. “[It was also important to] challenge what people think is beautiful and drive more awareness for people with special needs.”

Brittany got the chance to discover what it was like to be a model for a day alongside her brother, with the help of stylist Taylor Greeley, hair and makeup artist Kacie Corbelle, HIVE.STUDIO and Bearwalk Films.

“It was hard for me to be present — I was so worried about how she was doing and making sure she was okay and helping her out,” Chris said. “I was the big brother trying to make sure she was okay, but at the same time, it was beautiful. It was emotional and it was hard not to have waterworks.”

Brittany chimed in: “He’s my best brother ever.”