Mom of 3 With 18-Inch Waist Says She Wears Her Corset 23 Hours a Day

"It makes me feel so sexy,” said 39-year-old Diana Ringo.

Bigger is not always better for this California woman, whose waist measures a mere 18 inches.

Mother-of-three Diana Ringo, 39, of San Diego, says her extraordinarily thin waist is the result of wearing a corset for at least 23 hours a day.

"When I have my corset on, it makes me feel so sexy," she told Barcroft TV. "I naturally felt sexy, but it just boosted my self-esteem a lot more. It just makes me feel good."

Ringo said she started wearing corsets after she had her youngest twins four years ago and gained 77 pounds in the process.

“I became a little bit unhappy because I didn’t have the curves that I thought I used to have," Ringo said. "I started with waist trainers. Once I got a little bit of a good result, I fell in love with them and I just kept reducing my waist size.”

Ever since, the corset is part of her daily routine. She only takes it off to exercise and to shower.

“If you put it on too tight, you can experience a little bit of numbing,” she explained. “You can experience some nerves telling you, ‘Hey, you’ve got to get it off of you, got to loosen it.”

Ringo explained she often gets disapproving looks from other parents.

"I don’t think my kids think anything of it — I think they don’t care," she said. "Some parents think that I am a bad example, but my job isn’t to take care of their children. My job is to take care of mine."

Her husband, Brett Ringo, said he made her promise not to get any smaller, but for now, he’s okay with it.

“I would say, 'A happy wife, a happy life,'" he joked. "So if this makes her happy..."