Tiny Donkey May Take the Title of World's Smallest

He will eligible for the honor once he turns 1-year-old.

This tiny donkey may take the cake for the world’s smallest — at just 19 inches tall.

The miniature American donkey, Ottie, is six inches shorter than the current Guinness World Record holder, 10-year-old KneeHi, which stands at 25.29 inches.

Ottie won’t officially be able to take the title, however, until he reaches maturity at a year old. 

"Donkeys do 90 percent of their growing in the first year so I knew he wasn't going to grow any more, this makes him around nine inches smaller than the Guinness World Record holder,” His owner, Cheryl Griffiths, said.

Griffiths said Ottie needs a field to run around in, but other than that, he’s just like a dog.

"Ottie's amazing," Griffiths, said. "He makes a great pet. My mom has already said she wants to take him off me and he's small enough to walk around her house.”

Ottie is friends with Griffiths’ 12 other miniature horses. She said she began loving miniatures after a back injury that prevented her from riding horses any longer.

"With miniatures you can do all the same things but without riding them,” she said. “It's brilliant, they can do shows and competitions like dressage and agility — like an obstacle course where you run alongside them."

Once Ottie reaches maturity, Cheryl plans to take him to competitions, fêtes and pet shows.

"Ottie will be part of the agility team," Griffiths added. "He moves very well, but he will need training."

In March of next year, officials can decide whether Ottie will officially make the cut.