Mom Allegedly Flees State Without Getting Her 4-Year-Old Son Chemotherapy He Needs

She left the state in early October.
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Police are searching for the boy’s mother, Abak Rehan, after the boy, Prince Rehan, missed several chemotherapy appointments.

A Nebraska mom allegedly fled the state with her cancer-stricken son without getting him the chemotherapy he needs, police said. 

Police are searching for the boy’s mother, 32-year-old Abak Rehan, after 4-year-old Prince Rehan missed several chemotherapy appointments scheduled at an Omaha hospital to treat his Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare tissue cancer.

The cancer type is treatable but the boy could die within six months to a year if he does not get medical assistance, the Lincoln Journal Star reported. Prince was scheduled to have a weekly appoint and four to five sessions of chemotherapy, according to reports.

Prince’s father contacted police on Oct. 9, claiming that the boy’s mom took their son to Arizona to get a second opinion about his diagnosis because she didn’t like the treatment he was receiving, according to police.

When the father talked to Rehan again about whether his son had started a new treatment plan, she evaded the questions, the Associated Press reported. 

She then told the father she would not be returning to the state, according to Lincoln Police Investigator Luis Herrera.

In court documents, Nebraska Pediatric Practice Dr. Melissa Acquazzino said the boy has no chance of survival without treatment and a 60% chance of recovering if he undergoes chemotherapy

Police have now issued a warrant for Rehan’s arrest as they continue to search for the pair.