Mom Confronts Man Who Killed, Dismembered 31-Year-Old Daughter

The convicted murderer was sentenced to at least 100 years in prison.

After her daughter was killed and then her remains dismembered in what a judge called a "reprehensible and heinous" act, an emotional mother confronted the convicted murderer in court.

Ashley Young, 31, went missing after going to a bar on Nov. 29 with Jared Chance in Eastown, Michigan. Then, on Dec. 2, Chance's neighbor discovered Young's dismembered torso in the basement of the house where they rented apartments. Investigators testified they also discovered blood and human tissue throughout Chance's apartment, as well as a bloody saw at his parents' home, which he visited after Young disappeared.

Young's mother, Kristine Young, didn't hold back when she addressed Chance in court. "You had no right to take her from me," she said.

As she spoke, a box containing Ashley's ashes sat on the table beside her.

"I cry seven days a week," Kristine added.

Though he was convicted of murdering Ashley and was sentenced to at least 100 years in prison, Chance has not spoken about his friend or what happened to her body parts that are still missing.

"I hate you. I want to rip you limb from limb and discard you like trash, like what you did to Ashley," Kristine said.