Mom Desperately Tries to Free 10-Month-Old Baby Accidentally Locked in Hot Car

Thankfully, Christina Tufford was eventually able to get her daughter out with the help of a good Samaritan.

It was a race against the clock to save a baby trapped inside a car in the blistering Florida sun earlier this month.  

Christina Tufford accidentally locked her 10-month-old daughter, Maddie, and her keys in the car in Stuart. 

Tufford called OnStar, but her account had expired, leaving the company with no way of unlocking the car via satellite. 

Ten minutes into the drama, the air conditioner automatically turned off. Her keyless ignition car works with a key fob and if the vehicle is parked and locked, the engine is designed to automatically shut down after 10 minutes as a safety precaution to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. 

But then the temperatures inside the car started to rise. 

A police officer tried OnStar one more time but the service told the cop they had no way of opening the doors because they had no connection with the car. 

The cop then bashed the window, but nothing happened. Eventually, a good Samaritan ran over with a hammer and that finally did the trick. 

Tufford said she wants to share their terrifying experience to warn other parents.

"I thought that I was going to lose my daughter,” she told Inside Edition. “Be consciously aware of what you do with your key fob because you can lock your keys inside of it when the car is on.”

She and her husband, Matt, both now carry a tool that uses a spring-loaded spike to instantly shatter windows.

"We just keep it in our pocket or handbag. Every parent should have one of these because it could save your kid's life,” Matt said.