Valerie Harper's Husband Says He'll Do His Best to Make Her 'Comfortable' as End Nears

Valerie Harper has been battling cancer for years.

Valerie Harper’s husband has revealed the end is near for the beloved actress.

In an emotional Facebook post, Tony Cacciotti, Harper's longtime husband, wrote that doctors said his wife, who is battling cancer, should be placed in hospice care. Yet, he is refusing. 

“I have been told by doctors to put Val in hospice care and I can't,” he wrote. “As long as the powers above allow us, I will do my very best in making Val as comfortable as possible.”

The 79-year-old actress is most known for her role as Rhoda on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

In 2013, Harper announced she was suffering from terminal brain cancer and had only three to six months to live.

She went on to defy the odds, even competing on the “Dancing With the Stars.”

Two weeks ago, a family friend set up a GoFundMe page, asking for help to cover her medical costs. More than $66,000 has been raised.

“Valerie is currently taking a multitude of medications and chemotherapy drugs as well as going through extreme physical and painful challenges,” the crowdfunding site's page reads. "... This GoFundMe initiative from Tony, is to ensure she receives the best care possible.”