Mom Dresses Up Her 3-Month-Old Daughter as Influential Women in Adorable Photos

It all started with Frida Kahlo.

It's Cleopatra! It’s Mother Teresa! No, it's 3-month-old Liberty Wexler!

Jenelle Wexler of Illinois has been dressing her infant daughter up as influential women of history for fun in hopes it will inspire others. 

"I started taking photos of Liberty portraying influential women and I wanted to celebrate these women for the contributions they have done for our society today," Wexler told "I began with Frida Kahlo and the ideas kept coming from there."

From holding a gavel as she portrays Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader, to a donning black tutu reminiscent of Madonna, baby Liberty doesn’t mind getting dressed up at all.

"I plan on doing this for quite a while, as long as Liberty lets me," Wexler said. “She is pretty patient with everything right now and she doesn’t say much about my outfit choices and changes that I do."

Wexler said she finds supplies for the outfits from the plethora of crafts she has in her home, as well as thrift stores. She’s a creative soul who loves the process of putting things together.

Others seem to love it as well. 

"I’ve gotten quite a few positive responses," Wexler said. "Everyone seems to really enjoy the pictures we are taking right now and if it helps to [put a] smile on people’s faces, I think that’s wonderful."

The mom hopes her project inspires other women, and encourages Liberty as she grows older. 

“I hope that these are women that Liberty wants to look up, to aspire to be like ... they’re positive role models,” she said.