Mom Knows Best! Woman Wins $4 Million After Following Mother's Advice to Buy Lottery Ticket

Shelby Tripp bought the ticket after her mom "had a lucky feeling," she told lotto officials.

Shelby Tripp admits she doesn't always follow her mom's advice, but this time she's glad she did.

The North Carolina woman won $4 million playing the lottery thanks to her mother's "lucky feeling."

On Halloween, Tripp's mom called her and revealed she'd just won $500 on a lottery ticket, and suggested her daughter buy one too.

"She said she had a lucky feeling and I needed to buy a lottery ticket," Tripp said, according to a press release from lottery officials. "I don't always listen to her, but this time I did."

So she stopped by a Speedway and picked up a $150 Million Cash Explosion scratch-off ticket. Then she forgot about it for a few hours. 

"I didn't even scratch the ticket until I was ready to go to bed," Tripp said. "I put it on the kitchen counter, cleaned up the house, and did some other chores."

Eventually, she got around to it, and couldn't believe what she was seeing: She had won $4 million.

"I had my mom come over to see if I was reading it right," she said. "When she said I was, I ran around the house pacing and screaming for at least 30 minutes."

She opted for the lump sum payment and, after state and federal taxes, walked away with $1,692,030.

Now Tripp is returning the favor and plans to spend some of the money on redecorating her mom's house. "She's worked so hard her whole life. I just want to do something nice for her," she said.