Michigan Woman Wins $2 Million Lottery Jackpot, Thanks to an Itchy Hand

A Michigan woman says an itching hand got her a $2 million lottery win.
The lottery winner says she is going shopping.Michigan Lottery

The Michigan lottery winner said she'd always heard that an itchy hand meant money was coming.

A Michigan woman says an old wives' tale is responsible for her $2 million lottery win.

Jacquatte Prater, of Flint, said she started playing Mega Millions about a month before last week's big drawing. Her hand was itching, she said, and she'd always heard that an itchy hand meant you were going to come into money.

On Tuesday, her five numbers got her $2 million. But she didn't realize she was a winner until she was awakened by a morning phone call from her best friend, who reported the big winning ticket had been purchased at the same Sunoco convenience store where Prater had bought hers.

"My fiance, Jim, and I got out of bed as quick as we could to go check our tickets at the store near our house. When we scanned it, both of our hearts dropped and we started celebrating!" she said.

Prater said she is going to take her kids shopping, then invest her winnings. Perhaps she will open a small restaurant, she said.

"My hand isn't itching any more, now it's just sweaty! I can't believe I really won!" she said.