Michigan Woman Praises Nephew for Honesty After He Scratched Off $300,000 Lottery Ticket for Her

She was shocked by the win.

A Michigan woman is proud of her nephew for his honesty when he scratched off a lottery ticket worth $300,000 for her.

The woman, who chose not to identify herself, said she was visiting family when she bought a few tickets, but forgot to bring them home. 

"I was down state visiting family for a couple days, and when I got back home I had a message from my nephew that I'd forgotten a couple of lottery tickets," the winner told Michigan Lottery officials. "I called him back and told him to scratch the tickets off.

"I never imagined one might be a huge winner." 

Her nephew called her back with the news

"He ... told me it was a $300,000 winner,” she said. “Of course, I didn't believe him because our whole family is full of jokesters. He sent me a photo of the ticket, and I was floored when I saw he was telling me the truth!" 

She asked him to keep the ticket for her until she can come get it. She added that she plans to reward him for his honesty. 

"Winning is a bit nerve-racking, but I'm so fortunate I won because it means my family will be a little more comfortable now," she said.