New Jersey Man Breaks His Hip but Wins the Lottery

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A New Jersey man who broke his hip saw his luck turn around when he joined a hospital lottery pool that won $1 million.

Earl Livingston, 87, was en route to a store to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket when he slipped and fell, breaking his hip, according to NBC10.

He was taken to Jefferson Stratford Hospital for treatment. There, he told staffers about how disappointed he was that he hadn't been able to buy a ticket for the historic jackpot. 

They ended up taking pity on him and invited him to join their own lottery pool with 141 others. 

Thank God he did! The pool featured a $1 million winning ticket

Livingston’s niece, Bobbie Mickle, told the station that at first she didn't believe him. 

“I thought he was confused, maybe from pain meds," she said. "And then the staff came into the room and they were saying congratulations. And I was like, ‘Wow, he really did win.’” 

Livingston is still at the hospital, where he will need to undergo a hip replacement. But he's feeling a lot more chipper about the whole thing. 

“I want to thank everybody,” Livingston said. “I appreciate very much and God bless you and have a happy, happy long life!”


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