New Jersey Cops Arrest Man Who Allegedly Littered the Road With Dirty Diapers for Fun


It was a dirty deed for grandfather William Friedman, who said he was dropping his grandson's diapers as a joke.

Police officers were not laughing at one man's "dirty” joke. 

William Friedman was arrested after New Jersey authorities suspected he dumped several dirty diapers on Routes 47 and 40 in Gloucester County early Sunday morning. 

Officer Garret Moretti reportedly caught Friedman in the act. 

"[Moretti] observed a box truck drop a load, no pun intended, of soiled diapers in the roadway," the police department said in a Facebook post.

Once arrested, Friedman told officers the diapers were his grandson’s and he was leaving them around town as a joke, and that not getting caught became a game for him. 

Police added that a motorcyclist had reportedly run over a diaper that Friedman allegedly dropped in June, totaled his bike and suffered minor injuries.

The grandfather has been charged with interference with transportation.

Of the arresting officers, cops added, “It was a sh*#ty job, but someone had to do it!!!!!”