Take That, Christmas Thief! Woman Leaves Box of Dirty Diapers for Porch Snatcher

Take that, package thief!
After someone stole a delivery of Christmas pajamas for her 4-month-old son, Angie Boliek and her husband decided to leave another package outside their door. Angie Boliek

An Oregon mom decided to leave a stinky gift for the thief who stole her baby's Christmas PJs.

Revenge is a dish best served teeming with baby poo.

Oregon mom Angie Boliek was spitting mad that someone had stolen a package from her front porch that contained Christmas pajamas for her 4-month-old son, Ben.

"Honestly, I was just mad," she told InsideEdition.com Wednesday. "I was looking around the house thinking, 'What is something I could put in a package that would just be horrendous?'''

She spied the garbage pail and said to herself, "I could put garbage in it." Then she saw her infant's soiled diapers. 

So she piled more than a dozen stinky diapers into a cardboard box, taped it up and put an Amazon shipping sleeve on it. Inside, she had placed a note: "Enjoy this you thief!"

"I put it strategically in a place where you could see it from the street," the Hillsboro woman said. Sure enough, after a little more than a day, someone stole the package.

Boliek and her husband got a hearty laugh out of that.

When she called police to report the stolen pajama delivery, she also told them her method of retribution.

"The police officer was dying laughing when I told her about it," and the officer said, 'Well, this is going to go around the briefing room,''' Boliek recounted.

"Little did I know it would go around the internet."

The mom posted a photo of her gift box on Facebook, where it racked up more than 2,000 likes. "We had no idea this would happen," she said.

Meanwhile, Ben's grandparents have sent a new set of pajamas for the family's annual holiday photo, in which the children all dress in holiday PJs for a Christmas Eve portrait. 

"We do it before Santa drops all the gifts," she said.

Boliek said surveillance cameras will go up in the front of her home just as soon as her family can afford it. For now, she is on the lookout for deliveries and luxuriating in imagining her thief's reaction to her smelly package.

"Oh my gosh," she said. "What I'd do to be a fly on the wall when they opened that."