Mom Pleads for Help Finding Necklace Containing Daughter's Ashes That She Lost at Disney World

“I will fly anywhere, to the ends of the Earth to pick this item up,” Chasity Foster says.

After losing a necklace that contained her deceased daughter’s ashes at Disney World, a Georgia mother is begging the person who may have found the precious jewelry to return it.

"I will fly anywhere, to the ends of the Earth to pick this item up," Chasity Foster told "It’s priceless. It’s so significant. It’s a piece of my child, which has no price on it."

Foster, who lives with her husband on a military base, said she lost the necklace while she was participating in the Disney Princess Half Marathon last weekend when her cross pendant necklace, filled with the ashes of her beloved daughter Shaylin, must have fallen off.

She immediately panicked.

“It was just tears, frantic, searching, crying, because we were already crying," Foster said. "Every step was difficult to take without her and then when I had seen that I had lost her, it was just frantic. I’ve lost my child once, and now I’ve lost her again.”

Shaylin died just last month when troopers said she lost control of her vehicle and collided with another car. She was 18 years old.

Foster explained they often did races together, and even participated in the Disney Princess Half Marathon as a team last year.

The mother-daughter duo had already signed up and picked out their outfits for this year’s Disney Princess Half Marathon when she was killed.

“She was going to be Princess Anna [from Frozen]; her friend was going to be Olaf," Foster said. "We were very hesitant to go and do this race again, and her best friend said, 'Well, what if Shaylin would have wanted us to go?'"

After realizing the necklace was lost, Foster said she ran faster than she had ever run toward the finish line, hoping that a race official there could help her track down the necklace.

Teams with metal detectors were brought out to search for the necklace, but they were unable to find it.

Foster said she is now heartbroken that the gesture, meant to honor her daughter, has caused her to lose another piece of her.

"We lost our child one time, and a piece of her has again been lost and tomorrow will be seven weeks," she explained. "It’s just very difficult to be without even the smallest piece of your child."

She and her husband are now asking anyone who might have spotted the necklace to get in touch with her.

“Shaylin was an amazing child,” Foster said. “If you knew her for a minute, you would be mesmerized by her.”