Mom Recalls Terrifying Moment Toddler Was Shot in Their Car: 'So Much Blood Everywhere'

Texas gunman's car
An image shows a USPS truck that a gunman was driving during a shooting rampage Saturday. Authorities managed to stop the vehicle.Cengiz Yar/Getty Images

Off-duty paramedics ran to help Anderson Davis after the shooting in Odessa, Texas, on Saturday.

The mother of a toddler who was shot in the face during the rampage in Odessa, Texas, on Saturday recalled the terrifying moment she looked over and saw her daughter covered in blood.

Kelby Davis, the mother of 17-month-old Anderson Davis, spoke to KOSA about the terrifying moment she realized their SUV had been shot at while driving Anderson and her twin brother to the grocery store.

"I knew we had been shot, but it never dawned on me that one of us would be hit," she said.

As she was thinking how to cover both of her babies at once, she looked over at Anderson and her daughter "was just covered in blood, so much blood you couldn’t even see her face," she said.

Her little girl had been shot in the mouth and chest. Anderson was left with a hole through her bottom lip and tongue, and her front teeth were damaged.

Incredibly, off-duty paramedics were nearby and rushed over to help the family.

"Angels are everywhere," Davis said.

Anderson was flown to the hospital and underwent emergency treatment. She is now back home in Odessa, KOSA reported.

Kelby and Garret Davis are relieved their daughter is on the mend, and they're proud of the community that has rallied around them.

"Anderson is alive and that is a prayer answered bigger than I've ever had to pray," Kelby previously said in an update that was shared on a GoFundMe page for the little girl. "She is alive. When others today are not alive."

Anderson was the youngest victim in Saturday's shooting. Seven people between the ages of 15 and 57 lost their lives, including 29-year-old mail carrier Mary Granados, who was shot and killed in her USPS truck.

The shooting started Saturday when police in Midland pulled over a man on Interstate 20. But the driver fired a rifle out the back window of his car at officers, police said. He then drove off to Odessa and continued firing at people nearby, police said.

After leaving his vehicle and stealing a mail truck, killing Granados, the man shot at more people as he made his way toward a local movie theater. There he exchanged fire with officers and died, police said. 

Others who lost their lives have been identified as 25-year-old Edwin Peregrino, 15-year-old Leilah Hernandez and 40-year-old Joseph Griffith.

GoFundMe pages have been set up for the victims and their families. Click here for more information.