Mom Uses Makeup to Recreate Her Son's Facial Birthmark on Herself

“I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world,” said mom Carolina Giraldelli.

A baby with a large facial birthmark looks exactly like his mother after she had her makeup professionally done to include the unique mark on herself.

“I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world,” said mom Carolina Giraldelli, of Cáceres, Brazil.

She told SWNS that her son, Enzo, was born last year with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice.

While doctors worried about the mark on baby Enzo’s face, Giraldelli said she was just relieved her son was born healthy, especially after scans revealed the birthmark was benign.

"I have never treated him as different," she said. "I see him as a normal baby and I want to show him to everyone."

But responses from onlookers were more harmful, Giraldelli explained, and people often looked at her son with "pity, contempt, scare and sometimes disgust."

Wanting to put herself in her son’s shoes for the day, and also show Enzo how special his birthmark was, Giraldelli hired a makeup artist to help paint the same mark on her own face.

"When I got home, Enzo’s reaction was complete joy, even though he did not completely understand," she said. "We took lots of pictures and our morning was a lot of fun."

Going to work with the birthmark was less fun, she said, and people gave her the same looks her son often experiences.

“How I felt stayed with me ever since,” Giraldelli said. “I was very calm, because I felt like the most proud mother in the world.”