Mom Who Brought Her Suit-Wearing Baby to Job Interview Hopes It Will Shed Light on Childcare Crisis

“It’s not just moms, it’s parents all over struggling to try and return to the workforce after the layoffs following the pandemic,” Maggie Mundwiller told Inside Edition.

A St. Louis mom illustrated the struggle many parents are facing with childcare issues by bringing her toddler to a job interview.

Maggie Mundwilller lost her position in sales during the pandemic, and when a last minute job popped up, her husband was at work and there was no one to watch her 1-year-old son, Mylo. 

So, she brought him along — all dressed up in a seersucker suit and even a resume in tow, with skills such as “destroying a clean space in 30 seconds” and “spotting a dog a mile away.” His education was listed as “Mom & Dad University.”

Mundwiller hopes the TikTok video, which has been viewed more than 8 million times, will help focus attention on the post-pandemic childcare crisis.

“It’s not just moms, it’s parents all over that are struggling with this and trying to return back to the workforce after all the layoffs and challenges that came about because of the pandemic,” Mundwiller said.

Mundwiller says the employer loved her son’s adorable suit and resume, and she ended up getting the job! 

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