Moms Come Together to Help Provide Housing for March for Our Lives Participants

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It all started with one tweet.

A Washington D.C. mother’s tweet helped provide housing for hundreds of people during March for Our Lives.

Elizabeth Andrews said she only had 28 followers and barely ever tweeted when she decided to tweet to offer to help anyone in need of housing for the march.

"#MarchForOurLives As a DC resident and mother of a high schooler, I’ll help to find free lodging for kids and their families coming to this March,” Andrews wrote on Twitter on February 18.

She told CNN she went to the gym and when she checked her phone afterward she had nearly 1,000 likes on the tweet.

Andrews and 11 other mothers who wanted to help then formed the group “March for Our Lives Lodging,” and sent notifications of their initiative to local churches, PTA networks, and the local community.

Registrations for guests and potential hosts began pouring in on the group's website.

The mothers created a spreadsheet to match guests and hosts.

The group matched more than 500 visitors with hosts. And, more than 1,600 people offered up their homes until the registrations were capped on Wednesday, CNN reported.

"We're moms and it's natural for us to help kids to address their logistics challenges and their other challenges, so it was a natural place for us to contribute," Deanna Troust, one of the co-founders of the group, told the station. ”I think moms are pretty good at recognizing it's not about us, which is a critical part of our effort. Moms are just here to help."