Moose on the Loose Visits Elementary School, Takes a Nap in Yard

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A moose was out and about in Idaho this week.

It stopped by an elementary school in Nampa and some other places around town before it was tranquilized by authorities. Police said it was an unusual sighting. 

"Well, that's not the typical cow call we handle here in Nampa," police wrote on their Twitter page.

Authorities think it’s the same moose that has been spotted several times over the past month.

"She actually laid down in the backyard," Charlie Justus, an employee with Idaho Fish and Game, told the Idaho News. "And, so when my biologist showed up with the dart gun she was able to walk up and shoot her in the back end."

She wasn’t too happy about the dart, however, and reportedly crashed into a nearby fence before the tranquilizer kicked in.

Thankfully, the animal is set to be relocated near the Sage Hen Reservoir where other moose reside. 

Apparently, the moose in Idaho isn't the only one who has been out on the town.

An officer in Alaska had a close call with a moose who ran onto the road with its calf. The officer was able to slow down in time and the animals are expected to be OK.

Check out the video above for more on both cases. 


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