Mother and Daughter Who Prayed as They Escaped Fire Thought They Were Going to Get 'Burned Alive'

The pair made it out in a car they bought just two days before the blaze.

A mother and daughter who filmed themselves fervently praying as they drove through streets lined with flames are shocked they survived the harrowing journey.

Susan Miller and her daughter, Amber, recorded themselves escaping their California neighborhood. Theirs was one of the more shocking cellphone videos that showed people desperately fleeing the deadly Camp Fire.

"It's OK, Mama!" Amber can be heard reassuring her mom. "... Just please drive! Please drive!"

"Please God, let us get out safe," Miller says. 

The pair managed to make it out in a car they bought just two days before the fire. 

As they were driving through the fire, they were convinced they were going to die. 

"We thought, 'This is it. A tree is going to fall on our car, on somebody else's car. We are going to get trapped, we are going to get burned alive,'" said Amber.

At least 31 people have died in the devastating blazes plaguing both Northern and Southern California. More than 200 people are missing.