Mother Furious After Man Records Her Son's Teachers Allegedly Joking About Students at Restaurant

The school district has placed the educators on administrative leave.

A man who was recently dining in a Mexican restaurant in Texas claims that he overheard five teachers making fun of their students, including one with a learning disability.

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The man, whose name is Jason and asked Inside Edition not to use his last name, says he was eating at the restaurant in Amarillo Friday and couldn't help but eavesdrop on the conversation at the next table.

"I started recording when I realized they were talking about this one particular child with learning disabilities,” he told Inside Edition.

Jason posted his video and photos of the teacher to his Facebook page and headlined his post, "Bad Teachers."

He claimed they joked "about what would happen when [the boy] went on a killing spree in 20 years."

His post eventually caught the attention of Angela Hartfelder, who recognized the teachers as those of her son, Liam, who suffers from dyslexia and ADHD, as well as other learning disabilities.

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"I saw the photos and said, 'Wait a minute — those are my son's teachers,'” she told Inside Edition. “I was so angry, I couldn’t imagine how these teachers were talking about students with disabilities."

The school district has placed the teachers in the video on administrative leave pending an investigation. 

"If this is how they feel, they should get out of teaching," an emotional Hartfelder told Inside Edition.

The teachers claimed they never made the offensive comments attributed to them and some intend to sue for defamation.