Mother of 4 Dies in Freak Accident After Falling on Treadmill at Washington Gym

Treadmill Death
Delrie Rosario died at a nearby hospital after hitting her head in a freak accident while working out, her family said.Facebook

Delrie Rosario was working out with her sister when she stumbled on a treadmill and hit her head, her family said.

A single mother of four died in a freak accident after falling on an exercise treadmill and striking her head, her family said.

Delrie Rosario was working out with her sister at an LA Fitness center in Washington when she appeared to stumble, and then fell onto the machine, her sister said.

“She tried to slow the machine down. I thought maybe she just missed a step. She just collapsed (and) hit her head on the machine,” Marissa Woods told KIRO-TV

Panicked, Woods screamed for help, she said. 

“I was screaming, you know, ‘Anybody, just please help! Anybody know how to do CPR?'” Woods said.

Her 36-year-old sister was knocked out when she hit her head. Rushed to a nearby hospital, she never regained consciousness, her family said.

Rosario was remembered by her loved ones as a doting mother with a big heart.

“A mother first. Always, everything she did was for her kids. She worked so hard for her kids,” her sister said.

Rosario worked two jobs to provide for her children, her family said. A GoFundMe page has been established for their benefit.

Her sister said Rosario will continue to live in the hearts and memories of her family. And because she was an organ donor, she will give life to complete strangers.

Doctors told the family five people will receive organs from Rosario, her sister said.

“Five people, literally like right now. She’s saving lives. How big can your heart be to still be saving lives?” Woods said. “Just think, somebody’s walking around with her big heart."

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