Multiple Sinkholes Open Up in Florida as Residents Fear Many More Are on the Way

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Geologists are warning that continued rains in Florida could mean more trouble in the state's 'Sinkhole Alley.'

As tropical weather continues to inundate the central part of the state, experts fear the area could live up to its nickname in a big way as inches of rain weaken the earth, causing the collapse of near-surface cavities.

Just last month, at least 15 sinkholes opened up in Ocala, forcing homeowners to evacuate out of fear houses could be swallowed.

Fast forward to this past Monday, when residents of The Villages, located near Ocala, reported four new sinkholes, according WKMG.

Three of those sinkholes are visible — one in a roadway and two others located on individual properties.

A fourth sinkhole has re-opened underneath the adjoining lake on the golf course, behind a group of homes.

The residence closest to the sinkhole in the roadway has been evacuated, as several sinkholes opened there in February.

Meanwhile, experts are all but certain that more sinkholes are on the way. And some of them could be dangerously large.

Residents are urged to be on the lookout for newly formed cracks in home walls, tilting of foundations, and doors that are suddenly difficult to open or close.

Authorities are also remaining vigilant and ready to help residents in the event of additional threats.

"We will continue to monitor this situation as it unfolds and will provide you with updates when they become available," the sheriff's office said.


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