Mystery as Florida Jogger Finds Human Head on the Side of the Road, Police Say

Two police cars are shown in St. Petersburg, Florida.
St. Petersburg Police Department

Police in St. Petersburg, Florida, are investigating after a woman jogging found a human head by the side of the road.

A human head has been discovered on the side of the road in St. Petersburg, Florida, police said. 

The woman discovered the badly decomposed head on Tuesday morning while running near 38th Avenue South between 31st and 34th Streets South, according to police. The area is also near an I-275 overpass. 

The head was confirmed to be human, police said, but investigators could not initially tell if the victim was male or female. 

"The head is too badly decomposed to determine sex," police spokeswoman Yolanda Fernandez said, according to "But it is a decomposing head, it's not like a skeleton. So our detectives feel like the person didn't die there, so they're going into the woods to see if they can find any other remains."

The case remains under investigation, and St. Petersburg Police have asked anyone with information to contact them at 727-893-7780.