Nabisco's Animal Crackers Are Uncaged After Decades

After 116 years, the cookies are getting a new look.

The iconic animal crackers box is getting a face lift

The box, which showed the cartoon animals in cages, has been updated to display the creatures freed from their confines.

The design has remained relatively unchanged since 1902. More than 40 million boxes are sold every year worldwide but pressure from animal rights groups led Nabisco to ditch the cages and let the animals roam free. 

Opinions on the change are divided. 

“You made this animal lover's day,” said one tweet. 

“Been a fan since childhood. Pouring a big glass of milk to salute you,” read another.

“The new design is just plain better looking than the old one,” a third comment said.

Others hated the redesign.

“So dumb,” said one person. “Does Nabisco want us to eat the animals inside the box?”

“Let you in on a lil' secret. The animals aren’t real,” was another comment. 

Nabisco said in a statement that "to keep animal crackers a brand that is relevant for years to come it was the right time to show the animals in their natural habitat.”