NASCAR Driver Saved by His Own Father Following Horrific Crash: 'I'd Do It Again'

Mike Jones can't thank his father enough for coming to his rescue.

Heart-stopping video shows NASCAR racer Mike Jones as he was rescued from his burning car by his own father, who jumped a barricade and pulled his son to safety before track crews and first responders arrived.

The dramatic crash happened over Father's Day weekend at the South Boston Speedway in Virginia. Mike lost control of his race car, which spun and burst into flames in the middle of the track. 

Jones was stuck inside — that is, until his father, Dean Jones, was seen bolting from the pit and jumping a concrete barrier to reach his boy. Dean then pulls Mike out of the burning wreck through the driver's side window.

"It's a driver's worst nightmare," Mike Jones told reporters afterward. His car was totaled.

Dean Jones was put on probation by NASCAR because he broke track rules when he ran onto the track, but he wouldn't change a thing about his actions.

"I would do it again," the father told Inside Edition.

"I threw my headset off ... and made a beeline straight to him," Dean said. "For a 56-year-old guy, I moved pretty fast."

His son is forever grateful. But it's not the first time his dad has come charging to help. When he was 10 or 12, he said, Mike was knocked out by a baseball that struck him in the head at home plate. When he woke up, his father's face was looming over him.

"I can't thank him enough," Mike said Thursday.