Natalie Wood's Sister Addresses Robert Wagner: 'Tell Me the Truth!'

Lana Wood believes that her sister's husband is not saying everything he knows about her sister's 1981 death.

Natalie Wood's distraught sister is demanding answers in the mysterious death of the legendary actress.

Lana Wood believes Natalie’s now-87-year-old husband, Robert Wagner, is not telling everything he knows about what happened on that night in 1981.

“Somebody's lying," Lana Wood told Inside Edition. "Somebody hurt her. Somebody's hurting all of us. Stand up and tell me the truth! I know things go bad. I know people lose their tempers! I know bad things happen when you don’t want them to. So, stand up and tell me that... Tell me what happened to her.” 

The Hollywood icon, who starred in West Side Story and Gypsy, drowned on a weekend cruise aboard a vessel, The Splendour. 

Now, after all these years, Wagner, has been named a person of interest by police.

“It's exhausting," Lana Wood said. "It's exhausting to live like this. Everybody says 'closure, closure.' There is no such thing as closure!”

Lana Wood is a former Bond girl who appeared in Diamonds Are Forever. 

She spoke with Inside Edition about her sister's death in 2011. 

Natalie Wood, Wagner, Oscar-winning actor Christopher Walken and The Splendour's captain, Dennis Davern, were all aboard the boat on that fateful weekend.

Davern told 48 Hours' Erin Moriarty that Wagner and Wood had a violent argument before she drowned. 
Wagner has always said he believes Natalie Wood tried to climb into a dinghy and fell into the water, where she accidentally drowned.

Lana Wood is skeptical.

“She would have never, never in a million years left the boat undressed," she said. "Undressed! She was in a nightgown!" 

Natalie's body was found next day by local restaurant owner Doug Bombard. He showed Inside Edition the exact spot.

“It was probably about 30 or 40 yards right in that direction right there that I found the body and pulled it in to the boat,” he said. 

She was wearing a nightgown and a red jacket. 

“She was hanging under her jacket feet down, hair all over the place, but that was her,” he added. 

It was the end of a Hollywood legend's life and the beginning of an enduring Tinseltown mystery. 

“I don’t imagine that even when I know, there's going to be a single day that passes when I don’t wish Natalie was here and wish that I could talk to her,” Lana Wood said. 

Her sister's death was initially ruled an accident after a two-week investigation. It wasn't until 30 years later that the sheriff's department reopened the investigation.