Natalie Wood's Daughter Recalls News of Mom's Death: 'I Didn't Know If I Was Having a Bad Dream'

Natasha Wagner opens up about the death of her famous mother.

Natasha Wagner was just 11 when her mother, screen legend Natalie Wood, died in a boating accident.

Wagner talked about her beloved mother in a new People magazine cover story, on newsstands Friday.

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She shared intimate family photos of her mom, sisters, and stepdad Robert Wagner.

She was at a sleepover when she heard a 1981 radio report that Wood had fallen off her yacht and drowned off the coast of California.

The circumstances of her death remains a matter of intrigue and mystery.

“I didn’t know if I was having a bad a dream, if that was really happening. What I remember most is that my dad was incredibly devastated, and very tender in telling us what had happened,” she said.

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Wagner is now 45. She said she understands why the world is still fascinated by her mother all these years later.

Now she’s paying tribute to her mom with a new perfume fragrance. It's called, "Natalie,” and Wagner said the fragrance  reminds of  her beloved mother 

“I was very close to my mom,” she said. 

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