Nearly $350,000 Worth of Meth Inside Spare Tire During Traffic Stop, Police Say

37 pounds of meth were found stashed inside a spare tire
The Scott County Sheriff's Office

An officer conducting a stop for a traffic violation in Mississippi allegedly found 37 and a half pounds of methamphetamine hidden inside a spare tire that the driver had stashed in the vehicle, according to a report. The Scott County Sheriff's Office and the Flowood Police Department made traffic stop on a GMC pickup truck along an interstate near Flowood in early October after noticing it driving in a "careless manner," the AP reported.

The driver was charged with aggravated trafficking of methamphetamine, Mike Lee the Scott County Sheriff said according to WBLT. The drugs amounted to a value of $350,000, the outlet said.

“The negative impact it would have had, by destroying the lives of our citizens, could be detrimental to our society,” said Sheriff Mike Lee. “We would like to thank our deputies for their commitment and dedication to keeping our communities and citizens safe by taking illegal narcotics such as this off the streets and possibly out of the hands of our children.”

The suspect was not immediately identified and it was unclear whether they were being held in custody.


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