Australian Cops Find $210 Million Worth of Meth Hidden in Sriracha Bottles

Australian Federal Police and agents from the country's Border Force found 400 kilograms of crystal meth during the operation.

Police in Australia arrested four people who are accused of smuggling methamphetamine concealed in bottles of Sriracha.  

The drug was found in bottles of the popular hot sauce from the United States, authorities said during a press conference Thursday.

A total of 400 kilograms of the drug were seized, representing about 4 million hits, Matt O'Connor, the acting regional commander for the Australian Border Force, told reporters during a press conference, adding that it was a "sophisticated" smuggling effort. 

Crystal methamphetamine, also called "ice," is a highly addictive drug. 

"They've gone to considerable effort to make the sauce appear to be sauce, and within it is embedded a significant amount of methamphetamine," O'Connor added. 

Officers from the Australian Federal Police and the country's Border Force conducted the operation on Oct. 15. They found that 768 bottles of the chili sauce tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine after initial tests.