Inside a Cartel Drug Sub

Inside Edition got an exclusive look inside a vessel that smugglers use to transport drugs.

Heart-pounding video of the U.S. Coast Guard seizing cocaine from a drug submarine has captured America’s attention. What exactly are these vessels being used to move contraband?

In 2008, Inside Edition got a look inside a drug submarine that's manufactured by the cartels. They are semi-submersibles, which means they don't go completely underwater and are left vulnerable to agencies like the U.S. Coast Guard.

Inside, the vessels are generally low-tech and feature a basic steering wheel, throttles, gauges and a compass. There's even sleeping bunks with cushions, and they are large enough to fit four smugglers.

There are pumps to drain water just in case the sub springs a leak.

There is also a storage area where the drugs are stashed and kept dry.

The sub has vents to circulate air as well.

The courageous Coast Guard officers who leaped aboard that drug sub in the viral video are being praised by President Trump.

"Do you believe this kind of bravery?" he tweeted.

The coast guard seized about 17,000 pounds of cocaine from the vessel.