More Than 1,600 Pounds of Cocaine Found Stuffed Inside Pineapples

Portuguese and Spanish authorities recently worked together to seize the huge haul.

Police in Europe say a recent shipment of nature's candy turned out to be nose candy — lots of it.

Spanish and Portuguese officials intercepted more than 1,600 pounds of the drug stuffed inside pineapples as they entered Lisbon, police announced Wednesday.

The cocaine bundles were found dipped in yellow wax then packaged inside the hollowed skins of the spiny fruit.

The bust was part of an investigation that spanned nearly a year and led to the arrest of nine members of an international drug ring, police believe.

"This organized international group had repeatedly brought large quantities of cocaine to the European continent," Portuguese investigators told Reuters in a statement.

The massive coke haul was reportedly inside shipping containers that originated in South America. The Iberian Peninsula is a common entry point for illegal drugs before they're distributed across the continent.

Authorities reportedly also seized 400,000 Euros, or about $500,000.