O.J. Simpson's Ex-Girlfriend Now Fighting to Stay Off Drugs, Says Life With Him Was 'Too Much'

Christie Prody is now jobless and fighting to stay off drugs.

Since Christie Prody dated O.J. Simpson during his murder and civil trials in the late 90s, her life has been in a tailspin.

After years of battling drug abuse, Prody is now jobless as she fights to stay clean.

“I have struggles with addiction,” the 42-year-old told Inside Edition. 

She says her years by Simpson's side may have contributed to her current struggles.

“Money and fame — that was the problem,” she said. “That's really the problem.”

While she tries to get her life back on track, Prody's mother takes care of her 8-year-old daughter.

It's quite a contrast from the life she lived as Simpson's long-time girlfriend. Prody now rents a bedroom at a house in Fargo, N.D. 

She was just 21 when she started dating then-46-year-old Simpson. They met through friends. 

She was a fresh-faced beauty and many were struck by how much she resembled the disgraced football giant’s slain wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

But she says, drugs were a part of her life, especially cocaine and meth.

“A lot of people we knew partied or drank or used,” she claimed. 

Today, her troubles continue. 

“It can go from once a week, to five times a week, to once a month to — I go eight months and I don't use,” Prody said.

She says the endless drama of life with Simpson doomed their 12-year romance and it was her decision to end the relationship. 

“It was just too much," she told Inside Edition. "When I met him, it was his murder trial, and then after that it was his custody trial. Then it was his civil trial. Then it was his road rage trial and then there was going to be this one. And I couldn't do it anymore." 

Simpson was released from a Las Vegas prison earlier this month after serving nine years for an armed robbery conviction.

When she saw photos of Simpson chatting up women in Sin City following his release, Prody said: “That’s just him. I'd be surprised to see him in the picture talking to a man."

She added that Simpson is very charismatic, charming, and social.

“I definitely don't think anyone has anything to worry about O.J.,” she said.