Daring Dog Caught Trying to Bust Out of His Cage

Buttermilk the beagle was not harmed during the incident.

One beagle decided it could not stay in one animal shelter’s cage any longer and tried a few times to make a break for it.

The dog, named Buttermilk, was locked up inside the Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter in Great Britain when it tried to escape earlier this week. 

Video shot inside the shelter shows Buttermilk as she climbs to the top of her cage without an issue, but stops in her tracks as she realizes she's being filmed. 

Staring as if she knew she had done something wrong, Buttermilk stayed in a frozen position for a few seconds before jumping back down.

The shelter posted the video on Facebook and said that Buttermilk and other beagles were not harmed in the incident and staff gave her a prompt exam after. 

“She also was moved into a different style kennel to prevent her from continuous climbs and escapes. Her stay won't be long in that kennel as she does in fact have an approved adopter who will be picking her up after her spay surgery this week,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

Shelter authorities don't know why Buttermilk tried to break free, but they don't suspect she wanted to run away.