Dog Looking for New Home After Surviving Bullet to the Chest

The 11-month-old dog was found months after she had been shot.

A lucky dog found living in an abandoned house months after surviving a gunshot wound to the chest is now looking for a new home.

The 11-month-old dog named Lona, a Catahoula mix with one blue eye and one brown eye, was left for dead after being shot with a .44 magnum handgun in Mississippi earlier this year. 

On Nov. 16, Lona was discovered beneath the porch of an abandoned home by animal control. The dog had squeezed through a six-inch gap to find shelter and when an official came to rescue her, she greeted the officer with glee. 

Lona was taken to Clarksdale Animal Rescue (CARES), where staff operated on her right away after discovering a large bump in the front of her body. They then found a bullet the size of a dime lodged in her chest. Miraculously, the bullet did not strike any vital organs and was removed following the difficult surgery. 

“It's a true miracle she survived. We couldn't believe the size of the bullet,” Paige Daugherty, board member and public relations officer at CARES, told SWNS. “The bullet went in through her left shoulder and was protruding through her right shoulder, which means it passed straight through her chest cavity. It's a wonder that it didn't hit an artery. If left untreated, the wound could have become more infected and caused serious damage and discomfort to Lona.”

Officials say they have no way of determining who shot Lona. 

CARES is now appealing to find a forever home for Lona. 

“She is recovering now with antibiotics, Lots of fluids, and a warm bed. We all love her and are hoping to find her a loving home once she fully recovers,” Daugherty told SWNS. “It’s a miracle that the bullet did not kill her or cause her to fear humans, but it didn’t. She is healthy, friendly, and happy all of the time."

Click here for information on how to adopt Lona.