Very Good Dog Takes Down Suspects Running Through Owner's Backyard

The 2-year-old rescue pup handled the men like a "professional police dog," his owner said.

This hero dog showed he's truly his owner's best friend when he tackled two suspects who came dashing through their backyard.

Mario Figueroa of Daytona Beach, Fla., said he was in the middle of lighting his fire pit when two men who had allegedly been driving with a stolen tag ran into the backyard.

Moments later, his 2-year-old rescue pup Georgio went dashing after them.

“I was standing right there and didn’t even see the gentlemen coming in from behind me,” Figueroa told WKMG. “All of a sudden I hear the dog tackle a guy in the yard, a gentleman runs by me and I hear one of them say, ‘Get the dog off me.’”

A Volusia County Sheriff’s Office helicopter caught footage of the exact moment Georgio took down the suspects — Corey Williams and Deonte Broady — who authorities said ditched the car one street over.

“He didn’t even bark,” Figueroa said. “These guys were on his territory and he took them down.”

He said Georgio, who’s kept on a leash inside their backyard, was lying on his blanket at the time and he suspected the men didn’t notice him because it was dark.

“He took them down like a professional police dog,” he said.

Police took the two men into custody.

Broady was on probation for grand theft of a motor vehicle and Williams was on probation for possession of cocaine, according to the police incident report.

Both men remain in custody, jail records show. They were booked on charges including resisting an officer without violence and possession of heroin with intent to sell, records show.