Could This Robot Dog Become Man’s Best Friend of the Future?

The SpotMini trots around and can even climb stairs.

A new robot dog is ready to play and showing off what it can do

The “dog” is called the SpotMini and is the creation of robotics company Boston Dynamics. 

The mechanical mutt looks like something you would see in movies like Wall-E or Westworld but is a real thing. It is a “golden retriever” that weighs 66 pounds, and can carry up to 30 pounds.

SpotMini trots around and has the characteristics of a real dog. 

Boston Dynamics released a short teaser clip of the robot dog, which is also capable of climbing stairs and navigating obstacle-laden landscapes. 

It's safe to say that this type of dog won’t need to go on extensive bathroom breaks either. 

No word as to when or if the SpotMini will be available for sale.