Nevada Teen Gets His Mom a Car by Giving Away His Xbox

The teen wanted to help his mom out.
Credit: Krystal Preston

A 13-year-old boy stepped up to the plate when he realized his mom needed a car. 

William Rabillo knew his mother was struggling and needed a car and a job after they recently moved and had to start over. He took it upon himself to help and got her a new car with his bargaining skills.

Through Facebook Marketplace, the teen started searching for cars and made a deal with a local woman. He’d give her his Xbox and do some yard work for her in exchange for the '99 Chevy Metro she was selling for $300.

“He came up to me and said, ‘Mom I got you a car,’” William’s mom, Krystal Preston, told

Preston said she didn’t believe him at first but after William urged her to come outside, she knew something was up. The woman who was selling the car was outside waiting to take them to it.

“We pulled up at her house, and sure enough, there was the car,” Preston said. “I was dazed. I just started crying.”

Preston said she’d been looking for one but it’d been hard to afford one without a job.

“Kids are supposed to take care of their parents when they are older not when they are 13,” Preston said.  “I was so proud. So happy, so relieved.”

A GoFundMe to help the mom continue to get back on her feet has already raised more than $5,000.


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